Sales material development

Iterative sales material development shortly to be vastly improved with Sense-it

Approaches and research tools available

An area of considerable Silver Fern strength from experience

Sense-it - an option to add the initial or gut reaction, the objective measure (when details are structured to video)
SecureWeb™ - for cost-effective, geographically spread, voice and vision sales material assessment (or sample boost)

Actionable outcomes - simple - maximise the potential of your detailing - including the emphasis, what is said and shown

Simulate-it for iPad detail development

Just launched

Approaches and research tools available

Too many clients are researching an interactive media via flat pdf

Simulate-it allows you to assess a version of your proposed detail in an interactive format on an iPad!
Sense-it - soon to be available as an option for the initial or gut reaction objective assessment

Actionable intelligence - assess the flow, make better decisions with material researched in a very near-finished format

Advertising concept evaluation

Where it all started for Silver Fern

Approaches and research tools available

Experience our most potent research tool - know when the new approach is likely to initially shock, and allow for it

Sense-it - to assess initial reaction, or elemental concept assembly, objectively

Actionable outcomes - not only choose the best concept but, if possible, enhance it