Meeting follow-up  |  MFU

If a third of detailing is via meetings, why wasn't a research tool developed for it before?

We questionned why a third of the average rep. force activity usually wasn't monitored - now it can be, and is!

Approaches and research tools available

MFU - is simply based on the DFU approach, with some tweaks, naturally

Actionionable outcomes - improve your meetings

Detail follow-up  |   DFU

An area of considerable Silver Fern experience

Approaches and research tools available

The vast number of projects conducted has led to many benchmarks and the ability to put responses in context

Actionable intelligence - data put into context means you improve your sales material

Immediate Detail Diagnosis  -  (ID-Dx)

A natural addition to the DFU

This service measures accurately both what was said and materials used.   Accuracy is the keyword

A traditional DFU measures longer term recall from the 7 - 10 day post-detail window
ID-Dx measures immediate recall, to determine what actually happened during the detail

Approaches and research tools available

Immediate Dx - (Immediacy) for accuracy - accuracy is key - what was said and obviously, what was shown
SecureWeb™ - is an option - to prompt visually what was, or potentially could have been, shown

We at Silver Fern have demonstrated the potency of brand detailing latency (what HCPs expected to be said about the product)
ID-Dx - gets through the shroud of brand latency so we get at what was really discussed and shown

Actionable outcomes - overcome the brand latency - know what was said and shown - improve the detail

Detail Diagnosis  |   DFU-Dx

A natural enhancement to the DFU

If lots of money is spent on developing details aids, why only research the verbal communication?
DFU-Dx acknowledges this and researches both what is said, and what is shown
Assesses not only the detailing material usde, but the potential of that not used

Approaches and research tools available

SecureWeb™ - vital for confidential materials such as your current detail aid
Immediate Dx - for accuracy of what was said and obviously, what was shown

Actions - assessing potential of all detailing material - optimise use for more effective detailing - verbal and visual