Silver Fern

Welcoming wildlife

Working with the natives
Some of us like to go home on the weekends but not The Guv..
His obsession this year has been to replace every foreign plant or tree around our offices with a native (kind of ironic for a Kiwi!).

As sceptical as we all were, and believe me, we were, it's surprising what's happened to the paddock which, apart from his 'lake,' was simply full of brambles and nettles.
pond late in day

blue damselfly
Most of us have taken to having lunch on the deck beside the 'lake' (no bar - yet!)
lunch on the decking

Being buzzed by bees, bedazzled by dragonflies, bemused by bugs and bewitched by butterflies is better than brambles.
Don't dare ask 'him' about cornfield patches, unless you have a couple of weeks to spare.
cornfielde arly summer
Yes - they look much better than we ever imagined (well, we didn't know what they were 'til they started flowering so we couldn't imagine anything) and yes, they do attract pretty much everything, but do we really need to know the intimate habits of the cinnabar moth?
same cornfield late summer

We're getting a mixed patch of annuals and perennials next year because...   (I can't honestly remember)   and you mix it with some parasitic plant seed which does nasties to the grass, and that's good...   apparently...   and, as for the phosphates!!!!
I'll remain anonymous - am sure you understand why!

Yours - Anon