Attitudes, Knowledge and Use (A, K & U)   (or A&U, ATU)

Variable in approach  |  often also involves Cons-Dx

Goal = accuracy

focus on 'actual' rather than HCP averaging or guesstimates
environment - acknowledge payer/ access/ team/ nurses - influence
future prescibing changes - treat claims realistically
'average' patient - doesn't exist
'20 average patients' - avoid - preparation

Actionable outcome - from accurate data

Patients   |   Consultations   |   Consultation-Dx   (Cons-Dx)

Another Silver Fern - 'first and only'?

Benefits from the Immediacy approach developed initially for ID-Dx (Immediate Detail Diagnosis)

Essence of service - accuracy and detail of information - real life

Actionable intelligence - 'paint' pictures of real patient profiles - HCPs can relate to - speak to them in their language